Living Space

When thinking about living space my first thought was the relationship between humanity and nature. It’s a very broad subject because you can consider our effect on the environment, our appreciation of nature, our use of nature and how that’s changed over the course of history and so on.

When we went out for a day taking photographs of anything that struck interest I found that some motifs in the images were greenery, paths, and reflections. I find that paths are an example of human integration into the environment and they’re very symbolic of journeys and direction. I liked the idea of reflection, and was inspired by the example artists shown to us that used reflection to create a surrealistic alternate world in their images.

When considering how I felt about living space and my relationship to my environment I thought of how I feel at home in the natural environments around my home town. I wanted to further explore that idea in this project so I decided to take photos around my town in the natural areas near my home.

I first researched Ana Mendieta before I went out and I was really inspired by how she used her body and her art to find a spiritual connection and sense of belonging between herself and the earth. I decided that I wanted to be in some of the photos, presenting the place that I have a lot of sentiment attached to, so I had a friend come with me and take the photographs for me. It felt like a collaborative project to some degree because I described what I wanted the images to look like and we discussed how to portray what I wanted. For visual motif and consistency I adopted the same pose in all of the photos, facing the camera with the natural environment as a background. Looking at the photos it feels comfortable, like I’m at home.

For the photographs that I’m not in I went for a walk about my town and captured points of the walk that I’ve walked hundreds of times throughout my life with my family, my dogs and my friends. I included the motif of paths because though I’ve walked the same path my entire life and the paths have stayed relatively the same, my life and circumstances have changed greatly. Its important to me that though my life has gone through a lot of changes, the core of my memories and nostalgia has stayed the same. My absence from these photos was so that the viewer can see the photos from my perspective but they know nothing of why these spots are significant to me other than that they are.


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