Anaemic Cinema

Marcel Duchamp (1923)

Anaemic Cinema shows a series of circular patterns and phrases spinning in a spiral. The patterns are abstract and leave interpretation open to the viewer as they take in the optical illusion-like imagery. In Anaemic Cinema Duchamp uses different optical experiments resulting in a hypnotic feeling to his film. Duchamp created the patterns using his invention of disk bearing spirals, made in 1923 using a turntable of a record player and mounted cardboard. His hope in creating such a contraption was to created a three dimensional effect to his work.


The phrases forming spirals are nonsensical and are to be read from the outside inwards, in collaboration with the pulsing movement of patterns it suggests something sexual. The letters were pasted letter by letter, the phrases puns written by Duchamp’s pseudonym Rrose Sélavy, the name itself a pun, similar to ‘eros, c’est la vie’ meaning ‘eros, that’s life’.



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