Presented with an experimental film project I was hesitant, having had no experience beforehand with iMovie or any other video-editing program. I like to work with traditional materials with the occasional use of Photoshop so I also wasn’t enthusiastic about using mostly digital media. However I feel that through this project I have explored a way to convey a meaning through more literal visuals and made a fair attempt at an area I didn’t feel confident in.

With my chosen title ‘Metamorphosis’ I wanted to show a change and development in my life that is significant to me which is how my confidence has changed in the past few years. My film shows how my attitude towards walking home changed when I became less confident, how my confidence was replaced with feelings of anxiety. I tried to create juxtaposing imagery in order to show the change, and to show the changing of feeling towards walking home I used light and dark. In order to show my sense of achievement in working on my confidence I tried to portray the relationship between my confidence and self esteem in how I didn’t like tying my hair up when I was less confident. To show this I filmed myself tying my hair up and letting it down, interjecting the motion with shots of the dark street. I conclude my film with myself confidently tying my hair back to show how I’ve tackled my issues. I feel that I adequately convey what I wanted to in my film but my lack of skills with the program and filmmaking in general is obvious. The quality isn’t as good as I would have preferred and I feel I was limited by my lack of skills and equipment, which was just my mobile phone camera. Although I’m proud of my attempt I feel that my idea wasn’t that strong, or that it wasn’t strong enough to be able to express it through this kind of media.

I struggled with thinking what I could do for my photographs, as I couldn’t think of any further imagery or visual ideas to express the meaning of my project. I decided for my photographs that I wanted the six to be three sets of two images that correspond with each other. I managed to muster one fresh idea, improve the quality of the images for another idea and for the third I ended up using stills from my film. I feel like the photos are adequate, perhaps could be improved on aesthetically to look as a set, I feel that stylistically they vary too much in quality and composition so they aren’t very impressive as a set. I feel like I needed to have more development on my photographs, but also I feel that overall my photographs and the entire project as a whole would have been stronger had I used a different idea. Nevertheless I enjoyed experimenting with a new way of working and perhaps would turn to this process again if I find it would be helpful in a future project.


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