Peter Doig

Peter Doig’s paintings feature bright colours in a delicate balance between abstract and figurative landscapes. His work explores the relationship with man and the environment.

His work shows peaceful scenes in bright but dreamlike hues, creating a surreal and otherworldly quality.


His work could be compared to post Impressionism for his loose technique and use of acid colours.

Doig spent part of his childhood in Canada and in Trinidad, returning to Trinidad in 2002. This sheds light upon his paintings of snowy landscapes as possible childhood memories painted with the influence of his warm and colourful present. Painted from his own photographic sources, Doig’s paintings are resonating and nostalgic.



Orange Sunshine (1995/96)

Doig’s use of yellow and red tones in this dream-like scene gives the viewer a feeling of insight into a nostalgic and hazy memory. The exaggerated colour was said by Doig to have been inspired by Monet, which like Monet’s work also gives a contrasting and pop-up effect

Grasshopper (1990)

This painting is named Grasshopper as it is painted from the perspective of an insect on the ground. The piece is composed of three bands that mimic the layers of the earth; sky, land and ground. Doig sets a timeless scene, depicting a settlement in desert, contextualised only by telegraph poles that indicate development.


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