Exhibition: Meeting of the Waters

For our project Meeting of the Waters my peers and I organised an exhibition as a collective named Amalgamation.

My role in the exhibition was to organise the bar for the event and document the preview night but I also became involved in advertising. I helped Josh create the event poster and I set up a blog to document the event as well as a Facebook page in order to inform friends and family of the event. With a list of emails compiled by Phil I composed and sent a formal email to local business and organisations to personally invite them to the event. I got some kind responses from a few of the addresses who said that they had put up our posters and would circulate the information. I procured the drinks for the opening night so I was in charge of the budget for the drinks which was enough for the people that came. This was a relief because it was hard to predict how many visitors we would have. I took progress photos throughout our production and set up as well as on the opening night.

The night was a success with a good turnout and we had some lovely compliments from the visitors. I feel that we co operated well when organising the event and gained valuable experience in the process of organising an exhibition.




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