Action Plan: Individual Learning Plan

My weaknesses are mostly motivation and time management issues. To improve upon these I’m going to create set times when I will work and times I will review my progress. I’m hoping this will improve the quality of my work as my efforts will be consistent and not rushed towards the end.

Areas I’d like to focus on next year are painting. I’d like to further develop my skills in this area and try different styles so that I can find which I like my best and develop my own style from trying different techniques.

I have enjoyed experimenting with other forms of art and gaining a new perspective from which I observe art and see them from a more open minded viewpoint. I enjoyed the Installation project the most I think as feel that it was the form of art outside of painting I connected with the most. I’d quite like to explore this again at some point.

My feedback suggests my research and development work requires more time and development. I agree with this as I know that I don’t spend enough time working on these and it does leave my sketchbook work being rather weak.

I would like to further develop my skills in the areas I explored this year such as sculpture, film and installation as I don’t feel satisfied exploring these areas but leaving my skills in them weak. However I’d like to focus on my painting skills next year so maybe this would be something I’d improve on in my spare time.

As of now I don’t have any career goals or ideas of where I could have a placement. This is something I’d like to change as I’d like to have a direction with my life and the qualification I’ll be getting from this course. I think that I’d like to continue to university to complete my degree, preferably Northumbria University as I liked the look of their facilities when I visited on an open day last year. I like the idea of entering second year rather than third so that I can spend more time creating work and being involved in the university before I begin my dissertation. Within the next year I’d like to consider my options more and think of what I’d like to do with my degree.

To achieve these goals I need to improve my portfolio, give it more variety and improve the quality of the presentation. I’d like to produce more work over the course of this summer so that I have a larger range of work to choose from.


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