Action Plan: Targets

Over this year I have discovered that when doing written work I find it easier and more efficient to type everything up on my laptop then copy it out into my sketchbook. This allows me to write faster as well as have digital copies of all of my work. The presentation in my sketchbook is also clearer using this method. It will definitely be more beneficial to my working next year if I continue with this method. I think to improve upon this I need to create set times to work to ensure that my efforts are consistent throughout a project as I tend to leave written work to the last minute. I will review my efforts regularly to check up on myself. Creating lists of what I need to do will help me keep aware of tasks that need completing.

I found that with projects I felt I had plenty of time to complete I was too relaxed in my work ethic whereas for others where I knew I had a lot of work to do in a limited time I was focussed and hard working. Despite when I lack in effort, I prioritise tasks well and manage time well when I’m on a tight deadline. Next year I’d like to actually set some targets and try to meet them. I’ll make lists of aims to do each week and try my best to complete them.


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