Artwork Review: Channels, Susan Hiller (2013)

A piece of work I found inspirational this year was Channels (2013) by installation artist Susan Hiller. The piece consists of various sized television screens stacked up as a wall. The screens display a blue hue of static, the familiar screen displayed by older television sets when  in between channels. The blue screens are interrupted by green wave frequencies which follow the voices of numerous people in different languages recounting their near death experiences, or in the case of some, their experiences of being legally dead for a short space of time. The purpose of this installation is so that the viewer takes time to consider the boundaries and contradiction in belief systems that fail to address the existence of a space between life and death. The piece merely presents to the viewer the experiences of multiple people that suggest there is another stage of existence between living and dead and opens a discussion that perhaps that there is more than what the standard belief allows.

I found this piece interesting because although I have not seen the piece in person, I found the mere thought of it to be eerie and atmospheric. I am intrigued by suggestions of the paranormal and Hiller’s piece manages to create a piece that provokes thoughts centred upon the chance of the paranormal existing. I like how the piece is not making a statement, but is just presenting a concept to the viewer and allowing the viewer to take the idea further just by considering what the piece suggests.

This piece was inspiring when considering my installation project and how I could create an atmospheric space. I am interested by subjects that explore the human mind and consciousness and this piece helped me think of the concept of my own installation piece.


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