Evidence of my Knowledge

Primary Sources

Throughout the year I have been visiting local galleries to stay informed of current exhibitions and interests of the art community. Although I have not specifically looked into these exhibitions for any of my projects they were very thought provoking and allowed me the opportunity to think about my relationship to art and consider these artists’ perspectives.

Secondary Sources

I get most of my artists research from the internet due to its efficiency by being able to access a lot of information in a short space of time. I have also used books this year to get information which I find is also very useful as they are concise and need little filtering to find information that is reliable.


This research has given me a wider knowledge of artwork from the past as well as an insight into what is happening in contemporary works. I have been inspired by the work I have researched in how it allowed me to give more thought to the meaning behind a piece and what it is that the artist wanted to express or make the viewer feel.

I have discovered that contemporary artwork is more centred upon concept, the meaning that drives the work and the effect it has upon the viewer rather than the aesthetic of the work. Although the aesthetic is still a considerable factor, it is not as focussed upon as it would be in previous art movements, such as the Pop Art movement which is identifiable from its specific aesthetic.


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