Exhibition Review: Hannah Collins

Hannah Collins

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

Friday 9th October 2015

I usually find it hard to connect with the work displayed in the Baltic gallery but I really enjoyed this exhibition. In the first room of the exhibition there was extremely large unframed black and white photographs decorating the walls. The size of the images was rather overwhelming and I found myself drawn in. The images were of gritty, high contrast scenes showing the aftermath of inhabitation of spaces. Although I liked these images I was particularly drawn to the work in the next room.

In the next room of the exhibition were large glass cases containing photographs of plants in a rainforest. Each plant photograph is used for a specific purpose by the Inga and Cofan tribes in the Amazon Rainforest in Colombia. I particularly enjoyed the text on the walls of the gallery which recalls Collins’ psychological experiences when hallucinating on a plant with the company of a Shaman guiding her journey. With her words Collins illustrates her surreal visions and experience which I found very interesting and I liked how the text corresponded with the photographs in the gallery.

This exhibition made me consider how different forms of art can collaborate on the same subject area and express different aspects of a theme. I’d quite like to produce multiple forms of media for one concept as I feel it would be interesting to explore how each form of working can provide a different approach to one thing.


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