I have really enjoyed this course so far. I feel that I have gained a deeper understanding of the art world and a new perspective of how to view art pieces. Previously I placed higher value on pieces I could appreciate aesthetically but I have learned to appreciate the value of work for its meaning too. Particularly with the installation project I discovered how works of art can effect the viewer and it allowed me to create a piece that focussed more on creating a feeling for the viewer.

I feel that the projects we were presented with this year allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and change my definition of what makes a piece of art. It helped me gain confidence in areas of working that I previously had not tried and I enjoyed experimenting with different art forms. Since I have a lack of experience in these forms of working, the pieces weren’t of the highest quality, so I felt a knock in my confidence regarding my artistic skills. However, for the final project I felt more confident as I returned to painting which is what I would consider to be my strength and my preferred way of working. This year has helped me feel like a more well rounded artist and I hope next year to hone in on my painting skills and find a direction so that I can find out where I fit in within the realm of art.

My weaknesses when working would probably be motivation and time management, particularly regarding written work. I find it hard to dedicate enough attention to sit and concentrate and write whether it be written research, critical thinking or evaluations. However I am proud of my improvements in these areas from previous years. Although still my weakest areas, I am finding that I am getting better at them and I plan to stay on track and keep improving.


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