Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich was a Russian artist who lived in a period of history so that he experienced Tsarist Russia, the First World War and the October Revolution. He is known for inventing Suprematism, an abstract art movement that is characterised by geometric shapes and stark colours.

Self-Portrait, 1908-1910
Dramatic Suprematism, 1915-1916

His most famous painting Black Square is considered as revolutionary as Marcel Duchamp’s Readymade as a pivotal moment for art in the twentieth century. Malevich unveiled Black Square in Petrograd in December 1915. To present his new idea of Suprematism, he displayed Black Square high on the wall across the corner of the room which was controversial at the time as this was where the Russian people would display Russian Orthodox icons. The piece became like a logo to Malevich as an artist. Even after his return to figurative painting, he signed the paintings with a black square. The black square is an icon to Malevich’s work but also to twentieth century art.

Black Square, 1913

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