Unorthodox – Altered Perspectives

This project was a particularly ambitious one for me, as I tend not to challenge myself with workload. I wasn’t sure how I would manage to complete 3 pieces for the deadline but I think that challenging myself surprisingly kept me motivated unlike how in the past the pressure would usually have the opposite effect. I think that returning to the practice I feel I have the most skill in has renewed my passion for art and painting and given me the maturity to be in control of time management and motivation. I think that I did better than I expected from myself and I managed to keep my work efforts consistent through the project, which I usually don’t do.

I feel that my painting for this project is the strongest of any of my work so far and I’m certainly getting used to how oil paints work and working with them is beginning to feel more natural for me. I enjoy figurative painting and I know that’s where my natural ability lies, but it was enjoyable to try something new with how I experimented with 3D surfaces. The unusual surfaces altered the dimensions and warped the images that I was painting and I liked trying to paint the images realistically while the proportions weren’t. By painting upon non-traditional surfaces I think it transforms my pieces from traditional style paintings to pieces of contemporary practice. In terms of improving the base I should have sanded down the surface of my third painting’s board, the texture was different than the other boards that made the base and the quality of painting was lesser. I feel that to make my pieces stronger I could have done more to give more weight to the concept and theory behind my work. My contextual research was lacking and I feel that I could have researched more artists as well as artists more relevant to my concept. Although research is detrimental to development, it was rather nice to direct my development on my own and carry forth my own work without a strong influence from what other artists have done. While my concept could be rather weak I’m proud of the outcome to my pieces and I feel that the strength of my pieces make this project rather successful. I think this project, though it could have been stronger, is a pivotal moment in my practice and the beginning of refining my practice and developing and identity as an artist.


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