Alnwick Gardens Live Brief

For this project we were given a live brief that required making a site specific piece of work for Alnwick Garden’s Woodland Walk which will be viewed by the general public. This work would be in the form of a banner or hanging so would likely be a 2D surface.

When visiting Alnwick I was inspired by how the town is situated among such grand landscapes and surrounded by prosperous nature. The historic town among the rural countryside was very appealing and has a wonderful atmosphere. When thinking of what I could produce for this project I thought that I would like to pay tribute to Alnwick and its historic features and also to the nature that Alnwick is so immersed in.

Therefore my idea for this project developed and formed into creating an emblem in the style of a coat of arms. While traditional coat of arms are heraldic bearings to a person, family or country, I wanted to create a traditional style banner that is an ode to and a celebration of Alnwick and the Northumbrian countryside. Whilst maintaining the symbolic element of a coat of arms I want my emblem to show a balance of historic features of Alnwick and natural imagery. By making this banner I hope to acknowledge Alnwick’s finest features and the beauty of the countryside in and around the area.

I want to paint my emblem onto canvas with oil paints to continue my practice as a painter. Using oil paint will also be an ode to traditional media. I want to paint in my typical style, the paint thinned out and blended but I need to consider that due to this piece being on large scale I must ensure the details aren’t too intricate otherwise they won’t be seen. I need to consider how my painting will be adapted to large scale, in how it will appear when admired at a distance or up close.


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