Laura Lancaster

Laura Lancaster’s paintings are created using imagery from photographs and films found in junk shops and flea markets. Despite the subjects in her paintings being strangers to her there is an intimacy in the way Lancaster portrays the anonymous memories. The lack of context to the paintings allows the viewer to create their own narrative. Lancaster has described her way of salvaging imagery as a form of rescue though her version of the images is an abstract form of what they once were.

Untitled (2010)

Lancaster’s application of paint is so thick that the it drips and the colours blur into one another. Her broad brushstrokes give movement to her work, the result being hazy depictions in murky colours, illustrating how memories decay over time and become lost. Her painting style plays with the conventions of traditional painting. By painting these lost images Lancaster is reviving forgotten moments and keeping them alive, giving them their own identity and life, separate from their former medium. By transforming these photographs into paintings there is a shift in power and psychological meaning in the images.

Untitled (2012)

Considering how Lancaster approaches the subject of identity and memory is valuable to how I créate my paintings. Her paintings are particularly effective in how they’re painted loosely and almost deconstucted, mimicking how memories fade and disconnect over time. This is a method I think I should allow to influence my paintings.


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