Kate McCrickard

Kate McCrickard is an artist and writer that paints her day-to-day experiences, producing work that we all can relate to. Her loose and messy painting style rejects the urge for beauty in artwork while subject and media are both so prominent in her works that they struggle for attention. She aims to mimic traditional artwork in how it would draw attention to the subject and not the style of painting.

Parrot Bedspread (2012)

The messy style of painting renders her subjects anonymous, allowing the viewer to project their own experiences onto the strangers and relate to them. The style also implies a passing of time and that the memory of the scenes are fading.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 14.52.37
Untitled (2015)

McCrickard’s work is similar to my ideas for this project although her paintings are from an outside perspective and my paintings will be more personal. I’m hoping, however, that my paintings portraying my mother and myself will still be relatable to a viewer because they can see their relationships in the relationship I’m conveying to them. McCrickard’s work is effective because there is an anonymity but I hope that my work will be relatable from the feeling it projects.


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