Interim Critique Review

During the crit I presented the progress of two paintings, one of which was the piece that had sharpie shining through the primer. I explained that the other painting I had begun had no issue with sharpie because I added two extra layers of primer, which masked the pen enough so that it didn’t shine through the paint. My issue was that though I could just add extra layers of primer to the section of painting I hadn’t begun yet, the bit that I had begun painting on that made the sharpie issue evident couldn’t be primed over because of it being oil paint. My tutor suggested using turpentine to wipe off the oil paint that needed extra primer underneath.

I also voiced my concern that though the paint interacts with the Perspex quite nicely, I was feeling underwhelmed with working on something unfamiliar and I felt this unfamiliarity was effecting my work and I wasn’t creating work as mature as it would be if I was painting on a material I’m more comfortable with. I also said that I appreciate that this experimentation is important for development, I was just finding it difficult to stay motivated when feeling challenged. I felt that this was reflecting in my work and the painting seemed immature and like a children’s illustration. However, I was assured the quality was greater than I felt and that I just needed to continue the process and concentrate on depth in tone to create that maturity I felt was lacking.

Points for development:

  • Use turpentine to remove paint to be able to add primer.
  • Add more variety in tone to add depth and maturity.

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