Gerhard Richter, Nan Goldin, My Practical Response

Gerhard Richter Since 1989, Richter has created “overpainted photographs”, by applying paint over existing photographs. The photographs contain a variety of subject matter, from images of family and friends to landscapes and buildings, some not even captured by Richter himself. The process itself is fast paced and spontaneous, dipping and moving the photographs in leftover … More Gerhard Richter, Nan Goldin, My Practical Response

Kate McCrickard

Kate McCrickard is an artist and writer that paints her day-to-day experiences, producing work that we all can relate to. Her loose and messy painting style rejects the urge for beauty in artwork while subject and media are both so prominent in her works that they struggle for attention. She aims to mimic traditional artwork … More Kate McCrickard

Mao Yan

Mao Yan is a prominent Chinese contemporary portrait artist. His subjects appear ghostly and mythical, though representational; his portraits seem like just an impression, lacking the appearance of tactile flesh. Yan paints only in grey tones and often observes his subjects over long periods of time. His paintings are composed in a traditional style; often … More Mao Yan

Jordan Casteel

Jordan Casteel as an art student painted landscapes but her career is now defined by her painting of black men. Casteel’s interest in people comes from her introvert personality, taking the role of an observer in a room. Her consideration of environment, colour, paint and subject take the work further than simply being paintings of … More Jordan Casteel

Laura Lancaster

Laura Lancaster’s paintings are created using imagery from photographs and films found in junk shops and flea markets. Despite the subjects in her paintings being strangers to her there is an intimacy in the way Lancaster portrays the anonymous memories. The lack of context to the paintings allows the viewer to create their own narrative. … More Laura Lancaster


The definition of identity is that it is the characteristics that define what or who a person is. Identity is the way we see ourselves and the way we present ourselves to the world. Our identity is formed by our experiences and affects our personalities and views. Aspects of a person that are influential on … More Identity