For this project I wanted to explore the anxieties that I feel as I approach and navigate a pivotal point in my life where there is a significant amount of uncertainty about my future. I wanted to express the isolation that I feel as a result and how I respond to these anxieties, which is … More Untitled

Literature Review

Seeing Ourselves: Women’s Self-Portraits Frances Borzello Give a brief summary of the text, its subject area, its history and information about the author Seeing Ourselves: Women’s Self-Portraits by Frances Borzello is a book that explores the diverse world of women’s self-portraits in depth and analyses how the female artists chose to portray themselves. An overlooked … More Literature Review

Sebastian Schrader

Sebastian Schrader is a German painter based in Berlin. Referencing Renaissance and Baroque periods in his work as well as his own contemporary style, Schrader portrays subjects of anti-heroes, daydreamers, narcissists and clown figures surrounded by an array of objects such as crumpled paper, cardboard boxes and balloons. His painting style sets his work somewhere in … More Sebastian Schrader

John Wentz

John Wentz is a contemporary painter who uses his practice to explore abstraction of the traditional portrait. Exploring process and technique he aims to reduce and simplify the subject to the base components of colour, composition and mark making. In his series Imprints, Wentz deconstructs the visual information of the portraits and he believes that by abstracting … More John Wentz

Jonathan Yeo

  Jonathan Yeo is an eminent self-taught figurative painter. He typically paints celebrities and other prominent figures. A recurring style in his work that I’m particularly interested in can be seen in his ‘unfinished’ pieces where a part of the portrait he is painting is in photorealistic detail which is fragmented and appears incomplete. In … More Jonathan Yeo

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin’s iconic piece My Bed, was created in 1998 and shortlisted for the prestigious Turner award in 1999. The readymade piece was Emin’s actual bed preserved in the state it was in from a time she remained in bed for several days in a depressed, drunken and sexual phase after a relationship breakdown. Among the … More Tracey Emin

Rene Magritte

Son of Man is a 1946 self-portrait piece painted by Rene Magritte, acclaimed Surrealist artist and influencer of movements such as pop, minimalism and conceptual art. He created the piece to explore the frustration that people feel when what is present and visible is obscured and hidden by another visible object. The apple hiding Magritte’s … More Rene Magritte