Preparing Paintings

I prepared my paintings by painting the background and priming with light purple acrylic paint. I wanted to use acrylic for the background because of its fast drying properties compared to oil paint. I find it’s easier to mix large amounts of it because it’s water-based and less dense. To sketch out my reference images … More Preparing Paintings

Previous Work

My previous project is what is influencing this project the most. I felt that it was the strongest body of work I’ve created so far and I wanted to use this project to essentially continue my practice in the last and try to develop the idea. The last project was a series of three self-portraits … More Previous Work

Surface Material

I considered using un-stretched canvas for my final paintings because I wanted to try something new but still have a primed canvas basis for my paintings. Another reason for this was that I was concerned about time and I wanted to be able to quickly prepare my surface material so that I could spend more … More Surface Material

Colour Tests

Since I decided that I would use a lilac/shade of purple for my background I wanted to do some colour tests to decide what shade I’d prefer to use before I began painting. The sample in which I used more blue than red appeared darker and cooler and although it was a nice shade I … More Colour Tests