Gerhard Richter, Nan Goldin, My Practical Response

Gerhard Richter Since 1989, Richter has created “overpainted photographs”, by applying paint over existing photographs. The photographs contain a variety of subject matter, from images of family and friends to landscapes and buildings, some not even captured by Richter himself. The process itself is fast paced and spontaneous, dipping and moving the photographs in leftover … More Gerhard Richter, Nan Goldin, My Practical Response


My vision for this project is that I wanted my final pieces to be presented like family photographs would be. My stylistic inspiration for how I wanted my paintings to be presented were glass photo frames, where the photographs are held between two glass planes and framed by faux brass. My initial thoughts were to try … More Experimentation

Final Major Project – Statement of Intent

I think that significant developments in my work in Year 2 were most evident in my Unorthorthodox project, which explored how a traditional style painting is altered by experimentation with presentation in a gallery space. It was the first project of mine that I believe made my work relevant in comparison to contemporary work of … More Final Major Project – Statement of Intent

Final Evaluation

The Professional Development module has helped me look closely at methods of working and analyse my strengths and weaknesses over the course of the year. The NCG Online tasks though tedious and irrelevant at times, did push me to think about how to improve and consider methods of working that will help me with time … More Final Evaluation