Preparing Paintings

I prepared my paintings by painting the background and priming with light purple acrylic paint. I wanted to use acrylic for the background because of its fast drying properties compared to oil paint. I find it’s easier to mix large amounts of it because it’s water-based and less dense. To sketch out my reference images … More Preparing Paintings

Gerhard Richter, Nan Goldin, My Practical Response

Gerhard Richter Since 1989, Richter has created “overpainted photographs”, by applying paint over existing photographs. The photographs contain a variety of subject matter, from images of family and friends to landscapes and buildings, some not even captured by Richter himself. The process itself is fast paced and spontaneous, dipping and moving the photographs in leftover … More Gerhard Richter, Nan Goldin, My Practical Response

Gloria in Natura

For this project we were given a live brief that required making a site-specific piece of work for Alnwick Garden’s Woodland Walk which will be viewed by the general public. This work would be in the form of a banner or hanging so would likely be a 2D surface. Researching the local area I looked … More Gloria in Natura