Gloria in Natura

For this project we were given a live brief that required making a site-specific piece of work for Alnwick Garden’s Woodland Walk which will be viewed by the general public. This work would be in the form of a banner or hanging so would likely be a 2D surface. Researching the local area I looked … More Gloria in Natura


The concept behind my installation piece was to create an environment that I feel reflects my state of mind. I wanted to create an enclosed comforting space that makes the viewer feel safe and secure, as I typically feel comfortable in my own mind. However I wanted something in the space that symbolises my existing … More Installation


Presented with an experimental film project I was hesitant, having had no experience beforehand with iMovie or any other video-editing program. I like to work with traditional materials with the occasional use of Photoshop so I also wasn’t enthusiastic about using mostly digital media. However I feel that through this project I have explored a … More Metamorphosis


Given the title In/Side/Out, the exploration of internal and external worlds, I wanted to explore the theme of dreams. This is a subject I have wanted to create work from for a while since I frequently have vivid and emotive dreams. I began by drawing some imagery from some dreams that I have had that have … More In/Side/Out