Laura Lancaster

Laura Lancaster’s paintings are created using imagery from photographs and films found in junk shops and flea markets. Despite the subjects in her paintings being strangers to her there is an intimacy in the way Lancaster portrays the anonymous memories. The lack of context to the paintings allows the viewer to create their own narrative. … More Laura Lancaster


The definition of identity is that it is the characteristics that define what or who a person is. Identity is the way we see ourselves and the way we present ourselves to the world. Our identity is formed by our experiences and affects our personalities and views. Aspects of a person that are influential on … More Identity


My vision for this project is that I wanted my final pieces to be presented like family photographs would be. My stylistic inspiration for how I wanted my paintings to be presented were glass photo frames, where the photographs are held between two glass planes and framed by faux brass. My initial thoughts were to try … More Experimentation

Final Major Project – Statement of Intent

I think that significant developments in my work in Year 2 were most evident in my Unorthorthodox project, which explored how a traditional style painting is altered by experimentation with presentation in a gallery space. It was the first project of mine that I believe made my work relevant in comparison to contemporary work of … More Final Major Project – Statement of Intent

The Birth of Self-Portraiture and How the Genre Has Changed in Contemporary Work

Self-portraiture is a genre that spans the history of art, even preceding the title of ‘artist’ that we use today. Artists’ portrayals of themselves are an endlessly interesting form of portraiture because of the way it gives insight to the artist themselves rather than the sitters they would typically use for portrait work. While having … More The Birth of Self-Portraiture and How the Genre Has Changed in Contemporary Work

Gloria in Natura

For this project we were given a live brief that required making a site-specific piece of work for Alnwick Garden’s Woodland Walk which will be viewed by the general public. This work would be in the form of a banner or hanging so would likely be a 2D surface. Researching the local area I looked … More Gloria in Natura

Anselm Kiefer

Anselm Kiefer (born 1945) is a German painter and sculptor, his paintings stood out at a time where interest was lacking in painting. His work tends to explore German history and myth as well as the Holocaust. His work is confrontational and forced acknowledgment of Germany’s past which at the time was avoided. Kiefer is … More Anselm Kiefer